Bad Breath Physiology!

Bad breath also is known as halitosis, is a common oral issue faced by many due to the changes in lifestyle

Halitosis is the term used for describing the bad breath which becomes a chronic issue. This problem can be caused by many underlying reasons. It has been observed that poor oral hygiene is one of the primary reasons causing bad breath.

Here are some of the major reasons causing bad breath:

1. Lack of Oral Hygiene

Lack of dental hygiene is reported as one of the most common halitosis causes. Our mouth is a storehouse of bacteria which gets accumulated on our teeth, tongue, and gums. These bacteria produce the annoying smell, and as a result, mouth stinks. The build-up of bacteria can decay the teeth and lead to gum diseases

The food particles stuck in the mouth is one of the reasons causing Bad Breath. Adopt a regular brushing and flossing to remove the harmful plaque and food particles that stuck between teeth and gums. It is essential to have a tongue cleaning routine as well. Make regular dental visits to ensure proper dental health.

2. Dietary Habits

Consuming food that has strong flavours such as garlic, onions and spices are likely to make your breath smell bad. High concentration alcohol drinks and coffee can also lead to bad breath. Yet, the nature of this type of bad breath is temporary and can be curbed by consuming these items in moderation or using mouthwash immediately. Brushing can also help to get rid of the unpleasant smell.

3. Smoking or Medications

Dry mouth is one of the main reasons for bad breath and it can be caused by various reasons. Cigarette smoking is found to be one of the preliminary reasons which leaves the mouth dry. The bacteria are not flushed out due to lack of saliva and thereby causes stinking mouth. Certain medications for chemotherapy, angina or tranquilizers can also cause dry mouth.

4. Crash Diet

Crash dieting, fasting and low-carbohydrate diet are the other possible causes of bad breath. During fasting, the body is forced to break down the accumulated fat in the body producing chemicals called as ketones. This causes mouth to stink.

5. Medical issues

Certain medical issues like gastro-oesophageal reflux, bacterial infections of the stomach, tonsillitis, diabetes, bronchiectasis, and sinusitis can lead to bad breath. According to the American Dental Association, the bad breath can signify a liver or kidney disease. Xerostomia is a condition, affects flow and composition of saliva causing dry mouth which leads to bad breath. It is common for in aged people and women going through menopause.

These were few major factors responsible for bad breath. It is quintessential to identify the issue and cure it for better dental health.

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