5 Reasons Why E-cigarette is Better Than The Normal One
5 Reasons Why E-cigarette is Better Than The Normal One

5 Reasons Why E-cigarette is Better Than The Normal One

E-cigarettes have become a fast-growing and vibrant industry over the last few years, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

Vaping offers you an alternative to traditional, combustible cigarettes for your nicotine fix. First introduced into the market in 2003, the devices are being well received by those who feel less than confident in kicking the habit. If you’re craving the satisfying feel of a tobacco cigarette but want to try something different, an e-cigarette is an option.

1. Health benefit

The main reason for the popularity of e-cigarettes is undoubtedly the health aspect. For tobacco smoking, the smoker inhales harmful and carcinogenic substances and other pollutants. In the case of an E-cigarette, there is no combustion but only evaporation. The liquid or the emerging vapor in the E-cigarette consists of water, glycerine, benzyl alcohol and in most cases nicotine.

The consumers themselves can decide whether to buy the flavored E-Liquid with or without nicotine solution. They can determine what nicotine strength should the liquid contain. For example, smokers could gradually reduce the nicotine dose and so adjust the body until they get away from the nicotine and evaporate the nicotine-free liquid.

2. Financial Benefit

The average smoker could save themselves almost INR 4, 91,283 per year by cutting out their habit entirely. According to a study, thirteen cigarettes are stubbed out by the typical smoker each day, costing them around INR 4, 06,372 over a 12-month period.

E-cigarettes, kits, and accessories work out to be much cheaper than tobacco cigarettes too. Since vaping is taken up by many cigarette smokers as a way to reduce their smoking, the savings are gradual. If smokers were to make a clean break from cigarettes and move to vaping instead, they’d reap about INR 76,996 in savings per year.

3. No burning, tar or ash

Regular cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals and toxins including cyanide. For every ten packs of 20 cigarettes smoked, 2g - around a teaspoon - of tar (road tar) remains in your lungs. The harmful effects of smoking don't come from the tobacco or nicotine itself, but from the smoke created by burning the tobacco. E-cigarettes vaporize liquid nicotine, so they deliver the drug instead of burning tobacco and creating tar, which has cancer-causing chemicals.

4. Improved social experience

No doubt there is alienation, and even outright disgust smoking in a public place may cause. There’s a reason behind why so many commercial entities have begun to ban smoking on their grounds. The smell generated by cigarettes can be overpowering. Plus, the dangers of second-hand smoke are well documented. E-cigarettes produce only water vapor, which carries with it little to no odor. This medium allows you to use a vape pen in public without infringing on the comfort of others or leaving you smelling as though you’ve just chain-smoked your way through a pack.

5. Help break the addiction

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are often active and can cause people to relapse very usually. But with e-cigarettes, the signs can be softened. Dropping the nicotine strength, gradually, will help the body readjust till it doesn’t require nicotine to function. This process can also be followed by reducing the power of your e-liquids, and it can wean you off the nicotine addiction and help you quit smoking.

5 Reasons Why E-cigarette is Better Than The Normal One

Final Thought

One can choose to continue smoking, yet know that the alternatives come with their own drawbacks. As such, one needs to make an informed judgment before choosing one smoking aid over another.

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Smoking is injurious to health.