How to reduce your nicotine intake
How to reduce your nicotine intake

How to reduce your nicotine intake

Addiction is something that occurs when you do something excessive or more than normal.

Nicotine is highly addictive and is primarily responsible for smoking. It is also known that one requires a lot of determination and courage quit smoking. One may decide to quit smoking completely or to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked gradually over time.
Nicotine attacks the animal part of the brain that one doesn't need to have any conscious awareness. The only thing brain knows is that one is normally smoking, so light up a cigarette. The job of the conscious part of the brain is to find a way of countering that

Nicotine Gum

In one of the first studies on nicotine gum back in the Eighties, it was observed that craving for cigarettes felt like a hunger in the pit of their stomach. It was more like mislabelling hunger as craving. Therefore, anything one can do to take the edge off that hunger feeling will slowly diminish the craving.
But for people who are hooked to nicotine, the ‘hunger craving' doesn't end there. They need nicotine in their system for the 'proper functioning' of their body.

How to reduce your nicotine intake
Research shows that the use of nicotine replacement products such as nicotine gum could reduce the cravings for a cigarette for up to 24 hours. On the contrary, other independent studies show that additional support systems in addition to nicotine replacement therapy to quit smoking successfully. But in order to reduce the nicotine intake, nicotine gum seems like a probable option.

Vapor Smoke

According to the American Cancer Society, cigarette smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals. Out of these chemicals, approximately 70 are considered carcinogenic. To name a few of the carcinogenic compound are cyanide, benzyne, and ammonia.

How to reduce your nicotine intake
Vapor smoke has more in common with a cloud or steam than with cigarette smoke. The atomizer coil superheats the e-liquid mixture. The mixture constitutes water, flavour, and nicotine. This mixture turns into an inhabitable flavoured vapor. The body absorbs nicotine and flavour, and remaining water vapor is exhaled in the form of a cloud.
Brilliant way to avoid the hassle, ehh?

Nicotine Patch

The nicotine patch is easy to use and a simple concept. The nicotine patch delivers nicotine to the system. A patch in the morning is sufficient for the whole day. No prescription is needed. It takes a bit longer for the nicotine to get into the system, but it gives a continuous dose of nicotine all day. This small amount of nicotine helps satisfy the craving for nicotine and reduces the urge to smoke.

How to reduce your nicotine intake

Final thought:

Though it is always advisable to quit smoking, but there are other ways to depend upon in order to satisfy the nicotine cravings. Above listed suggestions may help a smoker reduce their smoking cravings.

The content and articles in no way supports, promotes or encourages smoking.
Smoking is injurious to health.