Top 5 Personality Traits Linked to Smoking
Top 5 Personality Traits Linked to Smoking

Top 5 Personality Traits Linked to Smoking

How do you view smoking? If you consider smoking as a habit that people find it hard to shake off, you are right in many ways.

Tobacco smoking has its origin in 4000BC. It has influenced and been a part of many cultures around the world. To understand the relation between smoking and human personality, one must know a bit about personality traits.

The Five Personality Traits:

Every person in the world displays these five personality traits in some measure or the other at any given point in time. The beauty of human psychology is that the degree of these characteristics keeps on changing, but the core traits remain the same. All these features are related to each other in one way or the other.

Openness One can characterize transparency with the willingness of the person to try out new things in life. People who have an open mind towards things in life display a sense of openness to try out smoking, especially if they have a high degree of extraversion. At the same time, introverts are not so open to try out smoking.

Top 5 Personality Traits Linked to Smoking


One can equate this trait with being caring for the self and others. People, displaying a higher degree of conscientiousness, either do not fall into the habit of smoking or quick to realize the futility of tobacco thereby resulting in retracting one’s steps from smoking. They are highly likely to succeed in quitting smoking.


Being an extrovert is right in a way. It is a definite personality trait. However, studies have shown that extroverts are people more likely to show off especially when they are in the company of others. This medium becomes a negative trait because this opens up the possibility of an extrovert trying out smoking just for the heck of it. It could just end up as an addiction later on in life.


People with an open mind tend to be agreeable more than the others.

However, this is a definite trait as such people try to weigh things accurately in their mind before trying out anything. These people are less likely to fall into the smoking habit. Even if they have done so, the chances of people with an abundance of these traits retracting their steps are very high.


This is an entirely negative trait. Usually, you find chain smokers in this category. They prefer to look at the negative aspects of things. However, neuroticism combined with a high degree of openness and conscientiousness can help chain smokers quit the smoking habit.

Final thought

It is evident that smoking as a habit and personality traits does have a secure connection. This medium is ample proof that this evil is deeply ingrained in every human being. His upbringing and character are what helps him to control the outcome and overcome this evil.

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Smoking is injurious to health.