Types of Smokers

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health

Everyone can find this statutory warning on every pack of cigarettes, but does anybody care? At least, the category of people listed below certainly does not. Let us look at the different types of cigarette smokers in the world.

The Social Animal:

These are the category of people who do not smoke unless they have a glass of whiskey in their hand. They can sit for hours without touching a cigarette, but the moment they had their quarter, they have to lend their cigarette pack as well. They can gulp down the glass and smoke their way through the pack with absolute ease. Smoking cigarettes might not be their cup of tea, but alcohol, yes.

The Chain Smoker:

The person starts his day with a cigarette and ends with one as well. The only thing that does not end is the cigarette itself. One follows the other with amazing regularity. Chain smokers never bother to ask you whether you would like to have a smoke as well.

The Bum Smoker:

This is a unique category of a smoker. The bum smoker never smokes his own cigarette at any time. Yet, he will be happier to finish off the pack if anyone offers it to him. Next time you sit near a bum, guard your cigarette pack instead of your wallet. The bum has more interest in tobacco than the moolah

The American Ass:

Are very particular about the brand they smoke. They will not touch a cigarette other than Marlboro Reds or American Spirits. They take great pride in this fact. Other than their brand, they love their country music. They are different from the different kinds of smokers listed here.

The Preacher:

Here is a novel category of smokers. One can see him on TV advertisements urging you or advising you not to smoke. They display their own limp body as an example of what cigarette smoking can do to you. If their advice does not inspire to quit smoking, their hacking cough definitely will. Seeing them should convince smokers that smoking cigarette is indeed injurious to health.

The Average Smokin’ Joe:

On an average, this category smokes around 7.5 cigarettes a day, usually preferring Marlboro Lights. They can go for extended periods without feeling the urge to smoke thereby giving the impression that they can quit smoking at any time. This is one category that tobacco and cigarette manufacturers definitely do not like. C’mon, they have to do business as well.

The “I have been there” Smoker:

Some of them have been chain smokers in the past. Now, they have quit smoking. At least, this is what they claim. Most of them are right, but a couple of stray ones do slip back with full vengeance. This is one of the rare among the types of cigarette smokers

Final thought:

You have seen different kinds of smokers. Look inside and judge where you stand. If you do not belong to this crowd, you really understand the meaning of the statutory warning.

The content and articles in no way supports, promotes or encourages smoking.
Smoking is injurious to health.